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Eric Bissell

Eric’s Quote of the Day

Back on February 3, 2010, Eric asked me if I was getting old. I thought this was funny, so I tweeted: Eric’s Quote of the Day, “Are you getting old Mom?” My tweet also went to my facebook wall where the post got some positive feedback. About a week later Eric said, “I’m moving back and forth through time.” I think he got this from a Star Trek movie, but still I thought this was interesting and heavy stuff, so again I tweeted. And again, lots of feedback via Facebook. Soon, people were asking for more of Eric’s Quotes.

For those of you who don’t know Eric, he is a former 26-week preemie twin. He has spastic quad cerebral palsy due to his premature birth. He has many challenges, but one of his greatest gifts is his wonderful sense of humor. He is a never ending source of humorous quotes. Some of his ideas come from Disney movies or something he has heard at school. Basically, he says whatever pops into his mind, which can be some very funny stuff.

Here are a few of my favorites:

“There are no cookies at the salad bar.”
“Wait just a pickin’ cotton minute!”
“How many syllables in constipation?”
“Giddy up sleepy jeans”
“Does fruit punch grow on a vine?”

Well, you get the idea…

Next people were not only asking for more quotes, but they wanted a page just for Eric’s quotes. Facebook ‘friends’ were much more interested in Eric’s quotes than anything I had to say. So I created an Eric’s Quotes Fan Page. Within a couple of days, Eric had accumulated over 200 fans!

Join Eric’s Quotes Fan Page and see what Eric has to say next:


Rock & Shock

We took Aaron and a couple of friends to Rock & Shock 2009 at the Worcester DCU Center last night. Rock & Shock is a Horror convention that mixes artist and vendor displays with rock music. We didn’t do the music part, we went primarily because Aaron is a huge horror/thriller movie buff. As I’ve mentioned before, he does his own thriller show on local cable TV, so he just loves dressing up and going to events like this.

Where he got this interest in horror movies, I have no idea. Rich and I are not fans of this genre. In fact, I avoid scary movies as much as possible. Real life is plenty scary enough for me! Rich tolerates them for Aaron and usually takes him to the movies he wants to see. I decided to come to this event since it’s the Halloween time of year and also brought Eric along. I figured, if it was too much for him or I, we could just leave. As it turned out we all had a great time. Eric loved all the action and especially enjoyed the people dressed up in costumes.

There were lots of horror film actors, directors, make-up artists, costume designers, film makers and distributors there. You could get an autograph and photo taken with lots of horror celebrities (usually for a price). I was excited to meet Malcolm McDowell who was the villain in Star Trek Generations among other films. I confess, I’m a Star Trek nerd and I would surely fit in better at a Star Trek convention.

Some people actually thought that was my real hair!

In addition to actors, there were also tattoo artists, toy and model makers, costume contests, horror industry professionals and vendors, comic book artists & vendors, film screenings, CD and DVD vendors, models and actors in costume, and many other artists and vendors. Aaron came home with lots of new props for his movies and also did some networking with a couple of local film makers.

Aaron, Katie, Eric and Ryan

Aaron, Katie and Ryan are big fans of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Here is Aaron as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Ryan is Brad. Eric is wearing his prisoner Halloween costume. Hey, must always keep a sense of humor!

Katie was thrilled to meet Jason Mewes
The highlight for Ryan was meeting Adrienne King from the original Friday the 13th.
Eric grabbed Gunnar Hansen around the collar and wouldn’t let go! He was very nice about it, except to say, “You’ll be next!” Gunnar Hansen played Leatherface in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre. LOL!