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Here we go again…

The Republican National Committee is distributing a mail piece that says “Terrorists” on the front and opens to a big picture of Barack saying “Not Who You Think He Is.” Sound familiar? They are using the same old tricks to scare Americans into voting for John McCain. John McCain, who promised to run a respectful campaign, said that he was absolutely proud of this. He is desperate now and will lie, cheat and steel any vote he can.

Don’t be fooled again!


Palin opposes tax to help developmentally disabled

In yesterday’s news:

“There’s got to be an alternative to raising taxes,” Palin said, “It’s a matter of prioritizing the dollars that are already there in government.”

Ha, that’s a laugh. As if the Republicans have any clue as to how to prioritize. We know what the republican priorities are, the military budget and their own pocketbooks.

This is just more evidence of what democrats already know. Palin is not a disability advocate.

I have just about had it with this woman. I would rather listen to George Bush than this one. Please, Please, Please, Vote Obama!