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Hillary for President

Got to see Hillary speak in Boston this month. She was awesome; smart,
experienced, caring, but also tough when necessary. She would not only make
history, she would make a great president.

10 Reasons To Support Hillary Clinton for President and help make history.

1. To end the war in Iraq

2. To achieve universal, affordable health care

3. To create good jobs for middle-class Americans with the right investments in modern infrastructure and in new clean, energy-efficient technologies that reduce our dependence on foreign oil and combat global warming

4. To provide world-class education, from universal pre-kindergarten to affordable college for all

5. To promote 21st Century scientific innovation, including stem cell research

6. To return to fiscal responsibility, move back toward a balanced budge, and safeguard Social Security and Medicare for future generations

7. To restore competence and end cronyism in government, with a President who cares about and works for Americans who have been invisible to this Administration

8. To combat terrorism, strengthen our military, and care for our veterans

9. To restore America’s standing in the world and repair our alliances

10. To build a more tolerant, united America, working to achieve big goals again, with a President who’s Ready for Change and Ready to Lead from day one.


On The Lot

On the Lot is a new Fox reality TV show. It’s pretty much a bad clone of American idol, except the contestants are movie directors, rather than singers. The show has the same setup with the three judges and then the audience picks the winners. My son Aaron is very into movie making, so I’ve been watching the show with him. The movie making aspect is interesting and I would like to see more of the technical side of film making.

However, last weeks winner was very disturbing. The winning video titled “Getta Rhoom” was clearly insulting and offensive to people with developmental disabilities. The director claims that the individual portrayed in the film was just a nerd. Sorry, but a director who doesn’t know the difference between a nerd and a person with a disability has his own mental challenges.

When the film was first shown, all three judges found the movie offensive, and rightly so. But the audience disagreed and not only liked the film, but voted it #1! The fact that this film was voted #1 makes it clear that we have a long way to go before people with disabilities are accepted by our society.

Even worse, after the vote, judge Carrie Fisher (Star Wars’ Princess Leia) who was shocked by the insensitivity of the film, caved into public opinion after the vote, saying, “I was wrong”. Carrie, you were not wrong, you were right on target with your initial reaction. Never underestimate the ignorance of the American people.

Here’s the video, judge for yourself, nerd or person with a disability?


Nick & Aaron

Nick & Aaron, originally uploaded by BissellBlog2.0.

Nicholas and Aaron at the premier of Nick’s documentary film, “The Soul of Genius: Yale, Yalies and the Meaning of Life.” Rich took Aaron to the big premier at Yale and they gave the film two thumbs up. I was not able to attend, but I will hopefully see it soon on DVD.

Here is the official trailer:


A “Cinderella Pool”


Eric’s Wish

When the twins were 4 years old, we took them to StoryLand, NH for their birthday. Eric was nervous about staying in a hotel for the first time, so we told him he would be staying at Cinderella’s House! Eric loves Cinderella, and so he was happy about that. It was this family trip when Eric first relaxed in a hotel hot tub. He called the tub —appropriately enough— a “Cinderella Pool.” After a dip in the hot tub, we were amazed at how relaxed Eric’s muscles were and how well he slept that night.

Eric has never stopped talking about the Cinderella Pool and so for his 5th birthday we took him to a local hotel just to use the hot tub. Again we noticed the positive effects of the water therapy. Eric has been to a hotel several times over the years, but of course going to a hotel can become expensive therapy!

This year, Eric was granted a wish from the StarLight Children’s Foundation. When he was interviewed by Starlight, Eric said without hesitation “I want a Cinderella Pool, please.” In the spirit of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and with the help of the Starlight Foundation and a generous donation from ThermoSpas, Eric wish has come true! On Friday May 3rd, Eric’s very own Cinderella Pool was delivered to his back yard.

Eric meets Rich from StarLight
Eric meets Rich from StarLight
Jack Sales Representative from ThermoSpas
Jack Sales Representative from ThermoSpas
Eric Picks the Marble Teal for his Cinderella Pool
Eric Picks the Marble Teal for his Cinderella Pool

icon1Delivery of Cinderella Pool May 3, 2002 Photo Gallery

Priority Electric
Priority Electric
Electrician Mike donated his time to install Eric's Cinderella Pool
Electrician Mike donated his time to install Eric’s Cinderella Pool
Eric's First dip in his Cinderella Pool with Aaron and Dad
Eric’s First dip in his Cinderella Pool with Aaron and Dad
Bedtime relaxation therapy with Mom
Bedtime relaxation therapy with Mom

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Bubbling Over ThermoSpa’s Newsletter