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Road Trip

I took a drive up to New Brunswick, Canada this weekend to pick up Aaron. Aaron spent a week with his uncle roughing it in a cabin in the woods. My nephew Nick also came along for the ride. It was a nice drive, beautiful country up in Maine and into Canada. Thought I’d post a few interesting things we saw along the way.

Scenic View Along Rte 95
Dog riding on the back of a motorcycle. He had his own goggles and helmet.
Balls dangling from the back of a truck!
Bear, Nick and Aaron hiking through the woods.
Corn Field, just like this photo…
Old MacDonld’s has a Barn
Aaron and I at Stephen King’s House in Bangor, Maine
Aaron in front of a Giant Paul Bunyan in Downtown Bangor

Finding Jesus…

… in a bag of Cheetos.

I saw this latest Jesus Cheeto AKA “Cheesus” in this weeks TIME Magazine (June 1, 2009, Page 20, Briefing) under “shockingly predictable”. Predictable, because Jesus seems to love Cheetos, especially Cheetos from Texas.

Here are a few more:

Of course Jesus sightings are not limited to Cheetos, He has been seen on toast, inside potatoes, in a coffee stain to name just a few.

And not just on food items either. He has been spotted in cloud formations, on fabric, in tree bark… Speaking of bark, here is my personal favorite: