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hard disk

Breathing Room

I moved all of my photo files to the external drive that Jon gave me.  Now my files have room to breathe.  Below are a couple of screen shots, my internal drive with the photos and without the photos.  Yes, I’ve got 175GB of just photos!  They are also backed up on a home server.  I’ve always love to take pictures, but I’ve gotten totally out of hand since I went digital in 2000.  I’ve got about 20GB of high resolution scans of old photos dating back to some of my grandparents’ photos from the 1920’s, then my parents’ photos and my photos up until 2000.  So, 20GB from 1920-2000 and 155GB from 2000 to 2009.

People sure do take a lot more photos now than they did before digital.  Hopefully they are protecting them via prints and backups.  I know I’m very careful about backing up my files, but I really should take some time to have some of my favorite photos printed.  Who knows what format will be readable 100 years from now, but we know from history that hard copy photos can last 100 years if they are printed with quality inks and paper and then stored properly.