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High School Musical

Some days are diamonds…

…some days are stone.

Eric has been behaving pretty well lately, so we decided to try taking him to “High School Musical 2”, which was playing at the North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA. He loves music, so this is something we thought he might like.

The show time was 7:30pm and the drive is about an hour and 20 minutes, so we left the house at 5:30 to give us plenty of time. The Mass Pike was fine, but when we got to route 95/128, it was bumper-to-bumper traffic from the Pike all the way to the North Shore. Some of the traffic was rush hour, but I think the worst of it was crazy people heading for the malls along route 128 for some last minute Christmas shopping. We didn’t get to the theatre until 8:20pm and after almost 3 hours in the van, Eric was not in a very good mood. But we also had Aaron and a friend with us, so at least we made it to the 2nd half of the show.

I had never been to this theatre before. The setup was really nice, with a stage in the center and seats all around. There were no bad seats in the house. Here’s a photo I took with my camera phone.

North Short Music Theartre


Oh and the traffic…



We came in during intermission, but as soon as the first song started, Eric started screaming and I had to take him out. We sat in the lobby until the show was over around 9:30, then stopped for a quick bite to eat and got home around 11:30pm. By the time I got the boys to bed it was after midnight on a school night. Not good.

Although things did not go very well this time, we really liked the theatre and the “Phantom of the Opera” will be there in the spring, so we might go back to see that. I might sound like a glutton for punishment, but it has always been my opinion, that the only way to get Eric used to certain activities is the keep exposing him to them. And I do think he is getting better, but times like these can be discouraging. I look around and see all the families with young children having a fine time without any of this stress and uncertainty and I’m a bit jealous. Oh well, here’s hoping for a diamond next time…