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Inauguration Day on Twitter

According to twitter’s blog, they received 5 times the normal tweets per second which peaked as Obama was being sworn in as the 44th president of the United States.

Other social-networking sites also reported surges.  Facebook received more than one million status updates with an average of over 4,000 updates per hour, which peaked during Obama’s inaugural speech.  This was a record for Facebook, one of the Internets most popular social networks.

My tweets and updates were among the millions who watched the days events and followed the news on-line.  The internet sure can bring people together and it makes the world a much smaller place.  I thought Barack’s speech was excellent and right for the times.  The world has changed and we need to adapt.  It is such a relief to have a competent leader in the White House during these difficult times.


Inauguration Invite

I got this official-looking invitation in the mail a couple of weeks ago from the “Presidential Inaugural Committee”.   I have no idea why I got this invitation.  Do they just send out a bunch of these randomly?  I did volunteer for Obama’s campaign, maybe all volunteers got one, I don’t know?   But it sure is nice and a neat keepsake of this historic day.  I only wish I could actually be there in person, but I’m sure Barack would understand that I’d need more than a couple of weeks notice in order to pull together a team to care for the boys while I’m gone;-)

I’m so excited that January 20th is finally here!  I’m also a bit nervous.  I hope all goes well today.  How on earth will the secret service be able to protect him in that huge crowd?  It sounds like a security nightmare to me.  The election of Barack Obama is a giant step forward toward equality for all, but sadly we are not there yet.  There are still some crazy bigots out there.  I don’t know how one person can hold up to all the stress and expectations that Barack is under now and for the next 8 years.

I can’t be there in person, but I plan to watch the events on TV and also do what Barack has asked us all to do, make an ongoing commitment to do what I can to serve my fellow citizens.  For me this is a renewed commitment to offer support and resources for families of children with special needs and do what I can to build a better world for children and adults with disabilities, a world in which people with disabilities are welcome members of society and given the supports they need to live a healthy and productive life.

Barack is such an extremely gifted person and his timing on the political stage could not be better.  We are lucky to have such a talented person willing to serve our country.  But he can not do this alone.  We all need to join him and do what we can to work toward peace, to save our planet, create universal health care, and support the civil rights of all Americans, regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, or disability.  Our country has been moving in the wrong direction for the past eight years.  With so much at stake, now it’s time for all of us to make a positive difference in our community, in our country and hopefully in our world as well.

Happy Inauguration Day!  Here’s to a new beginning!