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The Chicken Man

We were riding along on the MassPike westbound last Friday at about 6:30pm in the Newton area and what did we see? A truck with a plexiglass room on the back and a guy lounging inside reading a newspaper. On the side of the truck it said, “The Chicken Man, Boston, MA”. Along the top of the room are neon signs spelling out The Chicken Man. We couldn’t get a photo of the whole truck, but Rich snapped a photo of the ‘Chicken Man’ in the glass room as we passed the truck.

There is mention of this truck and the Chicken Man online, but not a lot of info. Others have seen the truck around the Boston area. I’m guessing it is some sort of advertising campaign, but haven’t been able to get the full story. Here’s another photo I found when doing a google image search.

(This photo is by spearmintkitten on Flickr)

If anyone has any information about this Chicken Man, inquiring minds want to know!