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Happy Birthday Anthony!

Anthony is 19 years old today. This is the earliest photo we have of him. He joined our family when he was 6 years old and no photos came with him. His social worker gave me this photo from his file when we adopted him. I love this photo. I bet he was an adorable baby too!


Grafton News Transitions to New Ownership


The Grafton News, a fixture in the Grafton community for the last 53 years, recently transitioned to new ownership.

Founder Charles N. Bolack has sold his interest in the weekly newspaper and its website to editor and publisher Donald E. Clark, graphic designer Wendy L. Watkins and website developer Cynthia M. Bissell, all residents of Grafton.

Bolack will continue to write “Up and Down the Highways,” the weekly column he has penned since 1958 when the newspaper was founded. He will also continue to be listed as “publisher emeritus” in the newspaper’s masthead.

Clark was named editor of the Grafton News in 2003 and publisher in January 2011. He started with the newspaper in 2002. He has been involved in journalism, newspapers, publishing, and graphic design for many years. Clark holds an associate’s degree from Worcester Junior College and a bachelor of arts in English from Worcester State College (now University).

Watkins has been the newspaper’s graphic designer for the past four years. Born in Montreal, she has a degree in commercial art from Dawson College. She was formerly an art director for Phillips-Magnavox in Canada

Bissell started, the online version of the Grafton News, in 2009. A registered nurse, she began creating web sites professionally in 1998 and has received several awards and citations for her work on the development of specialized medical and disability-related Internet resources.

“Charlie started the Grafton News as a way to help foster the civic, cultural and economic life of the area, just as it says on our masthead,” said Clark. “Although we may explore new ways to do it, there’s no reason we should change that philosophy.”

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Sue’s Charm Bracelet

My sister Sue posted this lovely photo of her old charm bracelet on Facebook. She has been studying photography and has become an excellent photographer. This artsy photo brought back lots of memories.

After seeing Sues photo, I dug through my old jewelry box to see if I could find mine. Sure enough I still had it and it was still in the original box from Edwards Jewelry Store on Moody Street in Waltham. I just googled Edwards and I see that they are still in business. When we were kids, my mother got us both charm bracelets and for many birthdays a new charm was added.

Sue’s bracelet was obviously well worn. Mine – on the other hand – is still like new. I was quite a tomboy and not into wearing much jewelry. But I did save the bracelet and it’s a nice memento of my younger days. I think the 16th birthday charm was one of the last charms I got, so we probably got these in the late 60′s to early 70′s. Interesting that the only charm that applies to me now is that I’m still a Sagittarius!

Here is a scan of my bracelet:

Cindy’s Charm Bracelet