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TEAM HOYT Running Chair for Eric!

Eric Bissell

Eric is a very personable young man with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He is unable to walk and is wheelchair dependent. One of Eric’s favorite things to do is to go for walks and runs with his mom and dad. Most people around our small town of Grafton Massachusetts know the familiar site of the Bissells pushing Eric around town. Over the years, Eric has had several special needs joggers, which he has either worn out or out-grown. He has again out-grown his current jogger and we have been looking for options for adult special needs joggers. At this point, Eric is 20 years old, 130 lbs and hopefully finished growing! The best solution for Eric would be a Team Hoyt running chair. But these chairs are custom made and very expensive. For this reason, we have partnered with a non-profit group called “Ainsley’s Angels” to help us organize a fundraiser for Eric. With the help of family, friends and community we hope to get a custom Hoyt chair for Eric. Any amount you can give would be very much appreciated and tax deductible. Thank you!

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25th Annual Grafton Gazebo 5 Mile Race

25th Annual Grafton Gazebo 5 Mile Race – Grafton, MA, May 3, 2014

Mixed 5 Mile Run RR

1 120 Tim Forrest M17 Grafton, MA 29:50.86
2 15 James Callaghan M44 Grafton, MA 30:33.34
3 136 James Kirk M32 Worcester, MA 31:18.86
4 115 Benjamin Sarkis M18 N.Grafton, MA 31:49.40
5 100 Chaz Davis M20 Grafton, MA 32:31.44
6 54 Bryan Quitadamo M21 Auburn, MA 32:31.68
7 116 Rourk Marlow M18 Malone, NY 32:31.92
8 170 Rob Auger M31 Worcester, MA 32:35.41
9 177 Chris Tatsis M18 Grafton, MA 33:08.05
10 95 Scott Kelley M45 N. Grafton, MA 34:57.17
11 97 Aidan Gilmore M12 Grafton, MA 35:01.01
12 96 Eric Gilmore M42 Grafton, MA 35:42.08
13 172 Patrick Fitzgerald M21 Charlton, MA 35:45.99
14 114 Peter Sabotka M41 Oxford, MA 36:09.72
15 53 Jared Palanzi M38 North Grafton, MA 36:17.05
16 20 Edward Deveney M50 North Grafton, MA 36:22.57
17 122 Brendan Rocco M14 N. Grafton, MA 36:34.62
18 150 Lester Fofgit M57 Worcester, MA 36:38.40
19 88 Lori Muhr W48 Grafton Gazebo Racer 36:41.62
20 152 Shaun McAvey M59 N.Grafton, MA 36:51.85
21 91 James Pilczak M18 Grafton, MA 37:32.26
22 89 Rider Muhr M13 Grafton, MA 37:36.63
23 106 James Chabot M51 Webster, MA 37:38.50
24 27 A.J. Fedor M49 Grafton, MA 37:39.05
25 137 Alan Rotatori M41 N.Grafton, MA 37:54.59
26 8 Christopher Beyer M36 Millbury, MA 38:42.32
27 132 Mark Vessella M41 N.Grafton, MA 38:52.89
28 121 Matt Deely M13 N.Grafton, MA 39:11.90
29 148 John Kuerten M54 ma 39:28.49
30 35 Sameer Kamath M13 N. Grafton, Ma 39:33.26
31 69 Eric Wierenga M31 Grafton, MA 39:47.71
32 2 Nico Allemann M12 North Grafton, MA 39:48.87
33 112 Kevin Gill M36 N.Grafton, MA 39:49.37
34 167 Mark Tsombakos M48 Grafton, MA 40:10.68
35 119 Emily Peacock W17 Grafton, MA 40:18.87
36 160 Margaret Olsopn W29 Worcester, MA 40:24.13
37 67 Jenna White W30 Rockville Centre, NY 40:28.78
38 58 Mark Riolo M42 Grafton, MA 40:57.28
39 169 Travis Coleman M43 S.Grafton, MA 41:01.80
40 12 Jody Brennan W51 S. Grafton, Ma 41:12.61
41 50 Stephen McDonough M66 Grafton, MA 41:16.83
42 108 Tom St. Jean M49 N.Grafton, MA 41:18.81
43 51 Mathew Often M45 Grafton, MA 41:29.75
44 92 Daniel Roche M14 Grafton, MA 41:30.45
45 82 Derek Iram M27 Whitinsville, MA 41:42.37
46 109 Andrea St. Jean W12 N.Grafton, MA 41:48.61
47 125 Tracy Howell W25 Sutton, MA 41:53.09
48 11 Oliver Bowen M11 Grafton, MA 42:05.95
49 18 Kristen Corbett W41 North Grafton, MA 42:09.50
50 66 David Wagner M47 South Grafton, MA 42:10.20
51 5 Alan Baker M38 N Grafton, MA 42:13.86
52 75 Jack Belifore M10 Grafton, MA 42:17.52
53 168 Laurie Tenney W45 Grafton, MA 42:19.43
54 76 Lori Belifore W44 Grafton, MA 42:23.70
55 33 Matthew Hallett M13 N. Grafton, Ma 42:33.33
56 55 Rob Reinhardt M24 Grafton, MA 42:34.02
57 68 Alicia Wierenga W32 Grafton, MA 42:39.25
58 154 Jim Coughlin M52 N.Grafton, MA 42:41.37
59 158 Erin Chiaputti W28 Manchester, CT 42:51.84
60 156 Lori Thompson W44 Tolland, CT 42:52.24
61 157 Mayy Yoder M39 Manchester, CT 42:52.52
62 79 Susan Burton W41 N. Grafton, MA 43:02.95
63 155 Ray Bell M18 N.Grafton, MA 43:20.91
64 1 Markus Allemann M46 North Grafton, MA 43:21.69
65 117 Lawrence Babb M50 N.Grafton, MA 43:28.09
66 141 Kelly Williamson W37 Sterling, MA 43:28.56
67 52 Carl Palanzi M66 Fall River, MA 43:44.30
68 25 Joann Duncan W49 N. Grafton, Ma 44:02.46
69 128 Chris Marino M44 Grafton, MA 44:06.63
70 101 Rob Giese M48 Grafton, MA 44:09.19
71 124 Will Evans M11 Grafton, MA 44:15.63
72 147 Jake McCue M12 S.Grafton, MA 44:17.08
73 171 Kimberly White W43 Sutton, MA 44:31.04
74 130 Robert Pruyn M22 Rockville Center, NY 44:32.39
75 129 Stephanie Reilly W22 N.Grafton, MA 44:32.85
76 28 Tracy Flynn W54 Shrewsbury, MA 44:38.20
77 98 Souleymane Gaye M13 Grafton, MA 44:55.69
78 179 Frederico Nicolau M43 Grafton, MA 44:56.61
79 162 Jessica Melo W36 Grafton, MA 44:58.93
80 16 Helen Collins W40 Grafton, MA 44:59.64
81 94 Kevin Roche M12 MA, MA 45:00.62
82 145 Todd O’Brien M44 Grafton, MA 45:13.34
83 17 Bob Connolly M64 Millis, MA 45:20.13
84 34 Calleigh Herren W13 Grafton, MA 45:28.56
85 38 Brian Kubta M31 Grafton, Ma 45:52.54
86 118 Keiko Tanaka W59 Grafton, MA 45:53.99
87 49 Melissa McDonald W49 Rutland, MA 46:11.64
88 83 Jack Padgett M11 Grafton, MA 46:12.69
89 84 Tracy Padgett M46 Grafton, MA 46:13.15
90 163 Mark Alimo M47 Grafton, MA 46:25.26
91 80 Amy Gatto W46 Sutton, MA 46:34.30
92 22 Cheryl Dujnic-Bjork W56 Grafton, Ma 47:01.66
93 4 Sonal Ambwani W33 Westborough, MA 47:18.34
94 47 Ruth Mazzeo W45 Grafton, MA 47:29.04
95 72 Nick Zieja M33 North Grafton, MA 47:51.25
96 21 Rebecca Diemand W25 Whitinsville, MA 47:57.81
97 3 Selena Allemann W12 North Grafton, MA 48:29.94
98 46 Ramnik Mayor M42 Grafton, MA 48:39.25
99 70 Darlene Wilhide W49 Grafton, MA 48:49.35
100 151 Monica Luchini W62 Millbury, MA 48:57.62
101 42 Bob Lubenow M62 Grafton, MA 49:04.46
102 40 Chris LaBarre M25 Whitinsville, MA 49:19.58
103 26 Ryan Euloth M27 Whitinsville, MA 49:20.07
104 161 Patrick Kelly M40 Grafton, MA 49:32.03
105 90 Lisa Anderson W49 Grafton, MA 49:36.12
106 23 Jessica Dujnic-Bjork W36 S. Grafton, Ma 49:37.54
107 87 Crystal Mayo W40 Grafton Gazebo Racer 49:54.53
108 57 Shelby Richards W17 North Grafton, MA 50:05.52
109 182 Susana. Bonorino W47 Shrewsbury, MA 50:36.96
110 181 Henrique. Bonorino M51 Shrewsbury, MA 50:37.56
111 93 John Roche M57 Grafton, MA 50:49.14
112 60 Ken Simonds M52 Northbridge, MA 50:55.32
113 142 Jack Lasoskie M12 N.Grafton, MA 51:05.40
114 13 Mary Brosnan-Quilliam W52 Grafton, MA 51:12.96
115 111 Cameron Cadman M12 Grafton, MA 51:16.70
116 48 Christina McCarthy W33 Grafton, MA 51:22.15
117 178 Diane Tonelli W52 N.Grafton, MA 51:29.08
118 81 Sydney Grass W11 Grafton, MA 51:32.11
119 138 Kennedy Davis W12 Grafton, MA 51:32.38
120 85 Eric Rocco M46 North Grafton, MA 51:37.72
121 110 Anne Legge W42 Grafton, MA 51:38.28
122 99 Keith Guyer M50 N. Grafton4ma 51:51.98
123 153 Stu Burdsall M50 Grafton, MA 51:52.37
124 45 Isha Mayor W13 Grafton, MA 52:12.90
125 165 Kathleen Vigeant W21 Sutton, MA 52:28.93
126 56 Kristen Richards W49 North Grafton, MA 52:31.81
127 166 Jacqueline Vigeant W54 Sutton, MA 52:34.57
128 24 Jamie Duncan W11 N. Grafton, Ma 52:43.78
129 104 Bianica Power W36 Grafton, MA 52:51.69
130 6 Anne Baskowski W53 Grafton, Ma 53:23.46
131 78 Cynthia Bissell W56 Grafton, MA 53:28.25
132 174 Shaunak Sharma M11 S.Grafton, MA 53:51.06
133 86 Scott Wicks M40 Marlboro, MA 54:14.57
134 143 Ana Lasoska W49 N.Grafton, MA 54:15.73
135 123 Christine Toman W46 S.Grafton, MA 54:20.94
136 36 Anne Kubota W27 Grafton, Ma 54:45.61
137 44 Aryan Mayor M10 Grafton, MA 54:54.80
138 134 Tyler Prout M11 Grafton, MA 55:01.52
139 180 Isabel Vendramini W44 Grafton, MA 55:47.61
140 31 Raphaela Guaitolini W27 Grafton, MA 55:55.16
141 140 Paulo Guaitdin M28 Grafton, MA 55:55.50
142 126 Lauren Welch W10 N.Grafton, MA 56:11.60
143 127 Kent Welch M45 N.Grafton, MA 56:12.06
144 37 Morio Kubota M66 Grafton, Ma 56:14.92
145 61 Alexander Tautkas M70 South Grafton, MA 56:34.22
146 173 Patricia Fitzgerald W52 Charlton, MA 56:38.65
147 183 Marjorie McCurley W50 Grafton, MA 57:55.52
148 65 Bonnie Wagner W44 South Grafton, MA 58:08.29
149 63 Beth Tucker W45 Grafton, MA 58:08.68
150 107 Alex DiRienzo M10 Grafton, MA 59:03.18
151 32 Caroline Hallett W11 N. Grafton, Ma 59:03.46
152 135 Sheryl Ducols W43 Linwood, MA 1:00:54.52
153 133 Patricia Myotte W50 N. Oxford, MA 1:00:55.11
154 149 Kim Drapkin W46 Grafton, MA 1:01:11.53
155 113 Andrew Merrill M11 Grafton, MA 1:01:20.20
156 77 Aaron Bissell M20 Grafton, MA 1:01:35.78
157 131 Diana Quecano W42 Grafton, MA 1:01:54.16
158 73 Tania Zieja W32 North Grafton, MA 1:03:13.38
159 7 Holly Begin W15 South Grafton, MA 1:03:55.94
160 175 Shivaan Sharma M8 S. Grafton, MA 1:04:08.47
161 176 Sujata Sharma W42 S.Grafton, MA 1:04:22.01
162 59 Gabriela Sanchez W24 Grafton, MA 1:04:45.22
163 64 Graciela Vargas-Baker W35 N Grafton, MA 1:05:00.57
164 102 Tameileg Anderson M7 Grafton, MA 1:07:46.54
165 103 Eric Anderson M38 Grafton, MA 1:07:46.91
166 164 Stephanie Anderson W40 Grafton, MA 1:12:21.00



I have had enough of Youtube and their clueless copyright bots. Youtube uses a 3rd party program to police videos for copyright infringement. These programs simply match the video and audio of what’s being played against what’s already copyrighted and block the content automatically, unaware of the nuances of fair use laws.

Fair use allows people other than the copyright owner to copy part or, in some circumstances, all of a copyrighted work, even where the copyright holder has not given permission. So examples of this include using movie clips for Criticism & Commentary. Since Rubber Duck Theater often reviews movies, almost all of our episodes have been flagged by youtubes algorithmic copyright cops.

Each episode gets a message like: “Your video may include content that is owned by a third party.” You can try challenging this objection, which I’ve found to be useless or you can “acknowledged third party content”, which places annoying ads on the video at the very least. Sometimes the video is completely blocked from viewers.

Rubber Duck Theater does not have a single legitimate copywrite infringement, yet youtube has marked our channel as “Not in a good standing”.

Now, all of our new episodes are being rejected (length of video is too long). They have limited uploaded videos to 15 minutes and I can’t change this because we are “Not in a good Standing” with youtube! Seriously!

Youtube needs to fix their overactive copyright policing. Until then you’ll find full episodes of Rubber Duck Theater on Vimeo and also embedded in this website.

On another note; I’ve stopped using Amazon to serve up the videos because of buggy video players; some people were having trouble viewing the videos via Amazon. It’s easier and works better to embed Vimeo files.


Rubber Duck Website


After gave most of it’s members the boot (see previous post), we had to find a new host for Rubber Duck Theater. We set up an account on YouTube, but YouTube is over-the-top with their copy write filters and either places ads on videos or blocks them entirely even for videos that don’t actually break any copy write laws. When you do movie reviews, you are allowed to use small snipits of movies. You can challenge YouTube, but that’s a nuisance. We did manage to upload 42 of our 45 episodes so far, but still not the best solution.

We then tried Vimeo. Their free account was useless because there was only enough space for a couple of videos, even though our online episodes are only between 300-400MB each. So we paid $60 for their “Plus” account, but this account only allows users to upload 5GB per week. A time consuming task uploading 45 episodes. But we are up to episode #31 as of today, and so far no copy write issues like YouTube. Vimeo also has a pro account, but it’s more than we want to spend for our public access non-profit videos.

Then we thought why not host the videos ourselves and not deal with these video sharing sites? We already have several hosting accounts for various projects. But this can really put a strain on hosting bandwidth. Our best solution so far is to host the actual videos on Amazon’s servers. Amazon offers lots of server space and very it’s very inexpensive. So, we’ve uploaded our episodes to an Amazon Web Service (AWS) “S3” account and linked the videos to this blog powered by WordPress on a hosting account. It’s nice to have full control over our content and no annoying ads to deal with.

Our Community TV station is also working on videos on demand, so we hope to have our show at as well. Still more work to do on this site and also need to update our Facebook account, which is all linked to So, that is where we are at now.




For three years we’ve been hosting Rubber Duck Theater (RDT) on Forty four episodes have been hosted on Blip and linked to other sites around the web like Facebook, Twitter and our personal blogs. Last month out of the blue, I got the following message from Blip:

Over the past year, Blip has been conducting an ongoing review of our content library, removing accounts that don’t meet our Terms of Service. As part of this effort, your account has been flagged for removal on November 7, 2013, and new uploads have been disabled as of today.

I thought there must be some mistake as RDT does not brake any Terms of Service! I emailed Blip to try to clear up this error and got this reply:

Blip requires that all its videos be part of a high quality, episodic, original web series. Please refer to Section 11 of Blip’s Terms of Service for more information about prohibited content:

11. Prohibited Content: Videos that are not part of a high quality, original episodic web series can be removed at Blip’s sole discretion.

In other words, we don’t like your stuff and we can remove whatever we don’t like. How rude and insulting!

Well, after a bit of research it turns out that Blip has actually snubbed over 80% of it’s users! Seems Blip has decided only to keep their big money making “Core Webseries” producers while giving the boot to it’s “lesser” accounts who actually helped to make them successful.

Obviously, Blip can do what ever it wants, but it’s the way they did it that is annoying. Basically Blip is telling users we don’t care about you and we can do whatever we want. Here is the canned reply that many users got from Blip:

“We suggest moving to a more general platform such as YouTube or Vimeo for your needs.”

So, to anyone who cares, I hereby boycott / and ask you to do the same. They don’t care about their users, all they care about is making money for themselves.

Now begins the work of moving 3 years worth of videos to a new host and fixing hundreds of links. Thanks Blip…NOT!