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Eric’s Team Hoyt Running Chair


Eric is so comfortable and happy in his new Hoyt Running Chair! Eric would not have his new running chair without the help of family, friends and community. We would like to take a moment to thank all those who helped make this possible.

Special thanks to:

Thanks to all those who made donations via Ainsely’s Angels:

  • *Mystery* Super Fan
  • The Maguire Doggies
  • Brooklyn Vance
  • Wendy, Marika & Tanner
  • St. Mary’s Parish
  • Joanie Edson and family
  • Nancy, Kyle & Meghan Treem
  • Edgren-Fortin Family
  • Susan Novak
  • Sandra Arix Kazanjian
  • Gilgallons
  • Maureen Bonica
  • The Ward Family
  • Michelle, Jimmy & Ryan
  • Jim Murphy
  • Rita Haga
  • Cousin Kari
  • Dawna Price
  • Pam and Jack Kates
  • Lori, Rick, Rider and Macie Muhr
  • Houle family
  • The Romaniec Family
  • Pat Paradis
  • Jaye Zawada
  • Seidel/Peters Family
  • The Langevin Family
  • Susan Rohl
  • Robert Ciavardone
  • Debbie and Stephen Maguire
  • The Dagle Family
  • Marianne and Jen
  • The Griffin Family
  • Paula Montuori
  • Bob and Donna Vollono
  • Larry and Pat Folino
  • Marianne Rososky
  • Pat & Faye Nolan
  • Dick and Joyce LaChappelle
  • Louis Shropshire
  • Gary & Phyllis
  • The Colluras
  • The Coz Family
  • Joan Winterkorn

Luck of the Irish?

Eric does have a wee bit of the Irish in him… I’m happy to let you all know that Eric was on his best behavior this morning, in spite of getting only 4 hours of sleep; he did very well with the EEG.  You never know how he will do and what will set him off.  There was one crying kid (which Eric doesn’t tolerate well), but we were able to close the door and they had a “white noise” machine in the room, which was great and helped to drowned out the noisy kid.  I had to sing to him for 1 hours straight, which I’m sure was tough on the tech, LOL!  And also promise him Burger King if he stayed still.  But really, it couldn’t have gone better.   The tech said it will take 3-5 days before we get the results.

Here are a couple of camera phone photos:

Eric having EEG – Not too happy here…


Here is a photo of Eric and the technician. Very nice guy and he was great with Eric, which helped a lot.  The test is complete and Eric is helping to rip off the probes, HAHAHA!

Eric and Don


More on Eric’s seizure and why he needed an EEG.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!