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TextAmerica, originally uploaded by BissellBlog2.0.

Good Bye I will miss you! TA is scheduled to close
down tomorrow, December 1st. TA was like a family, it had it’s problems and black sheep, but it was a fun, tight-knit community. Flickr is OK, but just not the same as TA. I’m thankful for all the friends I met at textamerica and glad that most of them have moved over to Flickr, so that we can stay in touch.


New Pediatric Tracheostomy Home Care Guide

New “pocket guide” published by Jones and Bartlett Publishers now in print.

A step-by-step, illustrated guide for parents and others who care for children with tracheostomies, the Pediatric Tracheostomy Home Care Guide is expertly and accessibly written. The author is a nurse and parent with personal experience with the impact of tracheostomy care on parent-child interaction and the quality of life among technology-dependent children. This pocket guide is an excellent reference for any health professional interested in learning about tracheostomies.

I sincerely hope that most of you reading this will never need this book, but for those who do, I hope you find it helpful.


Wishing for Spam!?

This may sound like an advertisement, but consider this my first product review.  I need people to be able to reach me via email.  Because I’m involved in so many internet projects, my email addresses are out there in spite of efforts to keep them away from spammers.  So, I tend to get a lot of spam and have tried lots of products intended to keep spam out of my inbox.  I just started using CloudMark Desktop and I’m very impressed.   What I like best about Cloudmark is that you don’t get false positives.  With other products I end up with good email being blocked, which I think is worse than spam.

Cloudmark works differently than most spam filters.  It has a network of users who decide whether or not a message is spam rather than relying on software rules.  Users send feedback to Cloudmark about which messages are spam and this information helps everyone in the network.  When a user clicks the “Block Spam” buttons, Cloudmark compares this feedback with feedback from other users. If other users in the network also consider the message spam, then the email is blocked for all users in the network.

Users can earn trust levels for blocking legitimate spam.  The more you block, the higher your trust level.  However Cloudmark is so good at blocking spam, that I rarely get spam in my inbox.  So strange that now I’m happy to see a piece of spam so that I can flag it, increase my trust level and help the community fight spam.

This is a super piece of software and well worth the $39.95 annual fee.  If you’re sick of spam and use Outlook or Outlook Express, try Cloudmark free for 15 days.