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Below are a few Christmas Photos. There are more on Flickr.

Here is Eric opening a gift. I love watching him open presents. This is very hard work for him, but he is very determined and will keep at it until he gets it open. Like many young children, he used to just like ripping the paper, but now he wants to see what’s inside, a big developmental step! Progress is good.

Eric opening a gift


Aaron enjoyed helping Anthony open his gifts. Aaron is so good with his brothers and you can tell that Anthony just adores Aaron and all the attention he gets from him.

Anthony & Aaron


This year, the only thing Aaron wanted for Christmas was “GarageBand”. GarageBand is a music creation and editing program that comes free with Macs, but is not available for PCs. I did a bit of research and found some similar programs for PCs, but nothing as good as GarageBand, so we ended up getting Aaron a Mac Mini. This is the least expansive Mac you can buy, but already I’m impressed. We’ve never had a Mac before and they are definitely cool.



Sue, John and Brian came down Christmas day. They were so happy that they finally got their power back at 11pm Christmas Eve! Sue said it was the best Christmas gift she has ever received. We also all got a chance to say hello to Nick who spent the holiday with a friend in Germany. It was pretty cool to see him and hear him on the computer via Skype. Nana cooked us a nice turkey dinner. Rich had to work, but he enjoyed the dinner before heading off to work.

Christmas has no religious significance for me. I’m not sure which I dislike more, the fables or the consumerism that surrounds this holiday. To me Christmas is all about family and the spirit of giving. So in that way, this was a nice Christmas.


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