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Fisheye Photography

“Fisheye” photographs are taken with a very wide-angle lens. Fisheye lenses (For example: the Sigma 8mm F4 Fisheye) were originally developed for meteorologists to capture the entire sky in order to study cloud formations. The lenses are also a cool way to get creative with photography. They give photos a distorted view that can be very interesting.

These wide angle lenses can cost hundreds of dollars, but there is an inexpensive way to get a similar look with just a few dollars. I taped a peep hole that I had in my junk draw to an old digital camera.

Here are a few of the photos. Of course, these are no where near as good as what you can capture with a professional lens, but still fun. I’m keeping a human eye on ebay for a deal on a used lens for my Canon Rebel.


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