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Grafton Democratic Caucus

Governor Deval Patrick and Aaron


Aaron’s Letter to the Editor, Grafton News February 17, 2010.

To the Editor,

I was excited to be invited to the Democratic meeting that was held at the Historical Society in Grafton on Saturday. I have been interested in politics for quite a few years and volunteered on both John F. Kerry’s and Barrack Obama’s presidential campaigns. I also held signs in front of the high school for Deval Patrick in 2006 and Michael Moore in the 2008 elections.

I like politics and consider myself a Democrat. I think it is important for young people to get involved in the elections because I have two brothers who have disabilities. I feel that the Democrats are more concerned about people with disabilities, as well as the homeless.

I was very upset when Scott Brown was elected to the Senate and that is why I felt I should get more involved in politics.

I was so happy to meet Governor Deval Patrick. He gave a speech and did a great job. He talked about how he is actually doing some positive things about the economy and that we need to get the word out that things are getting better. He said that our state was in better shape than a lot of states, but the job is not done yet.

State Senator Michael Moore was also at the meeting. I met him back in 2008.

In my opinion we need to use our tax dollars to help those who are homeless and struggling. Of course I also think we should care about people with disabilities and accept all people even if they are different. I believe that the Democratic Party will do a better job at this than Republicans. Deval Patrick said that we sometimes need a helping hand to be the best we can be and that is one of the roles of government. He did say that government can not solve all our problems (like math in school!).

I have been invited to attend the monthly democratic meetings and am in hopes of getting a ride to the meetings with Kim Edgren and Lisa Kelly who are good friends of mine. They were both elected as delegates on Saturday. I was also invited by Ms. Saxe to be a student volunteer at the Democratic Campaign Institute meeting at the end of the month. I am in hopes of meeting John F. Kerry and telling him to keep advocating for my brothers.

Aaron Bissell
Sophomore at Grafton High School


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