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In Memory of Poppy

Shortly before he died, Dr. John Koomey recognized a transportation problem for students with special needs at our local high school. The high school has a Functional Academic School-to-Work Program, but due to a lack of transportation, the student’s access was limited to establishments within walking distance of the school.

Dr. Koomey’s family said he often talked about doing something about this problem. But sadly he passed away before he had time to address the situation with the school district. After his death, Dr Koomey’s family decided to follow through with his wishes and they purchased a wheelchair accessible van for the school department. The donation also includes funds to maintain the van.

Dr. Koomey was fondly known as ‘Poppy’ by his grandchildren, two of whom are special need students in the Grafton public schools. The words “In Memory of Poppy” are inscribed on the back of the van.

I was personally touch by the incredible generosity of this family. What a wonderful tribute to Dr. Koomey! This gift will benefit many children for many years to come, including my boys. A BIG Bissell thank you to the Koomey Family!

Eric – in his stander at the far left – with his classmates

2 thoughts on “In Memory of Poppy

  1. george says:

    Just when you think there is no one that cares in the real world and that charity is a thing of the good times.

    Bravo to his family….


  2. Cindy says:

    Just what I was thinking George, renews your faith in people.


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