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Here is a scan from this weeks Grafton News. Hard to believe the twins are 16 years old. I think they were about 18 months old in this photo.

16 years and we are still wondering what their full potentials will be. I guess that is true for all parents, although the expectations and possibilities are quite different. That said, parents of children with special needs usually learn early on that as long as their children are healthy and happy, the rest is just icing on the birthday cake.

16 years ago the twins were born on July 28, 1993; three and a half months too soon. Their due date was October 31, so more of a trick than a treat for their parents. But still amazing how far they have come. Had they been born just 10 years earlier, they would have been a miscarriage, so I suppose whatever they accomplish in their lives is just more frosting. But for myself, I would have missed out on so many valuable lessons. My life would be very different now and quite dull, I’m sure.

We took the twins to Six Flags for their birthday. Cousin Nick came along too and we had a fun time. Happy Birthday Eric and Aaron!

Six Flags New England

4 thoughts on “In The News

  1. Gill says:

    Happy Birthday to the boys! Striking how they so much look like Rich!

  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks Gill. Yes, they are little Rich clones. Well, not-so-little anymore…

  3. Ruth Ingersoll says:

    Wow!! It is so hard to believe they are 16 already!! I know the past 16 years haven’t always been easy but I am sure they have brought many happy memories for you to cherish for years to come!! I agree, Cindy, your life would have been very different and yes, dull, had they been born 10 days earlier. You and Rich are amazing parents….congratulations!!

  4. Faye Nolan says:

    Looks like you all had fun at Six Flags. I thought the boys were 15–I’m always behind by a year.


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