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It does make a difference

“he’s a politician………….RIGHT!
they’re ALL assholes…….
I dont know why people get so pationate about putting a certain politician in office….they dont care about us…..only their pocketbooks……this guy is scum just like the rest of em…… ”
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This is a comment/quote from a flickr friend and an all too common attitude. I will agree that politicians often have some of the same traits. They like power and they tell you what you want to hear. Or at least they sugar-coat issues in order to get elected. They have to do this because the average American voter is an idiot. If a politician told the whole truth, he/she would never get elected.

That said, there are fundamental differences between the two parties. So, while I agree, the person elected doesn’t make much difference, however where they stand on the important issues and whether or not they have the backing of the house and senate does make a difference.

People who make statements like this are usually independent “average” Americans. And so it is true that who is in the white house will have little impact on their lives. However, for people who are in need or are discriminated against, politics can make a huge difference in their lives and this is why we are passionate about politics.

Generally speaking, Republicans want low taxes and small government. This sounds fine and dandy unless you happen to be poor, elderly or disabled. Republicans tend to favor big business, while Democrats favor people. Having the democrats in control can literally mean the difference between my children living happily in their home community and having a miserable existence in an institution. The trickle-down effects of having the Republicans in control for 6 years has been devastating to the disability community, not to mention a whole lot of other things they have screwed up.

Voting Republican for a person with a disability is like shooting yourself in the foot. So, if you feel like this flickr friend, and you really think it makes no difference who gets elected. Please do me a favor and vote for a democrat. Any democrat would be better than any republican.

Remember, we are all just an accident or illness away from a disability.


3 thoughts on “It does make a difference

  1. george says:

    We are still paying a heavy price for early 80s Reganomics of destroy fucntional government at the cost of the disenfranchised.

  2. Amanda Hollingsworth says:

    It really does make a difference, Cindy! I’m not as passionate as you about politics, but I’m getting there. I was one of the ignorant people before, but now I’m realizing what matters. For people like you and me, the lives of our children matter.


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