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J-tube Time

Anthony is scheduled to go to the OR at 10:30 this morning to have a surgical J-tube inserted. They plan to do an “open” procedure as opposed to laparoscopic procedure (minimally invasive surgery). I think this is a good idea considering Anthony’s history. With an open procedure the surgeon will be able to get a better look and hopefully a good placement of the new tube. This tube will be placed beyond the anastomosis from the vulvulus. He will also keep his G-tube, so that we will be able to keep his stomach empty (and reduce the risk of aspiration), while feeding via the J-tube. Anthony will go to the PICU after surgery.

Right now, Anthony has two student nurses caring for him. It is interesting to watch the interactions between the students and thier instructor. I know exactly what these girls are dealing with, and I still get a sort of sick feeling from my own days as a student nurse. I sure would not want to go through that again! These girls are so green, but I can tell that at least one of them is going to be an excellent nurse. The instructor is very good and sure knows her stuff. One of the students is going to do her first sterile procedure, changing Anthony’s PICC line dressing. Should be interesting.

I’m just sitting in the corner typing. They have no idea that I’m an RN and I don’t volunteer that information. I’m sure they are nervous enough.

10:30 Update: Anthony just went into the OR, right on time.

1:30 Update: The surgery went well. It took a little over 2 hours. The surgeon said that Anthony had a bit of scar tissue at the anastomosis area, but nothing he was concerned about. The j-tube was placed “down stream” from that area. The GJ-tube was replaced with a G-tube. He is in recovery now and we are waiting to see him. After recovery he will go to the PICU. Will update again when we get to the PICU.


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