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Massachusetts Proposal Would Repeal Income Tax

New York Times Article
Published: September 27, 2008
By Pam Belluck
Read Article: Massachusetts Proposal Would Repeal Income Tax
Grafton, MA

I had no idea such a stupid question would be on the ballot in November! Boy, I wish I was picking up a pizza when they were interviewing, I would have given them an earful, LOL! I remember people at the Stop and Shop hounding shoppers as they left the store to sign this petition.
I said, “no way!”
The petition lady said, “you don’t want less taxes?”
I said with a smile, “that’s right; I’m a liberal.” 🙂
You should have seen the dirty look she gave me. But then everyone else they asked was signing the thing. Less taxes? Ya, that sounds good to me, Duh! It’s very easy to get ignorant people to sign something like this. You know, smaller government and less taxes always sounds fine and dandy, unless you happen to need help, want good schools, decent roads, etc. And of course, nothing will turn a republican into a democrat faster than a disability.

Plus, the state will just get the money somewhere else, like real estate taxes. We will pay one way or another. I’d rather have an income tax then higher property taxes. I’m sure that retired elderly folks on fixed incomes will agree.

Massachusetts Voters: VOTE “NO” on Question 1


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