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Anthony had a bit of a set back last night. They bumped his feeding up from 30 to 40cc per hour and he vomited. This is disappointing, but not surprising. The reason we switched Anthony from a G-tube to a GJ-tube is because he was not tolerating feedings in his stomach, due to severe reflux.

Problem is that we can’t replace the GJ-tube until he heals from the surgery and we can’t get enough nourishment into him via the G-tube, without risking aspiration. So, the plan is to insert a PICC line in order to feed him intravenously.

A PICC line is a type of catheter used for prolonged intravenous access. He will receive TPN (total parenteral nutrition) via the PICC line. We will continue to feed him as tolerated via the G-tube, because it is important to keep his GI system moving. But the PICC line will be used to supplement is feedings.

Once his GI tract is completely healed, we will decide whether or not to go back to the GJ-tube. There are other surgical options that we may explore in the future, but no one wants to do more surgery on Anthony at this time, especially us!

The PICC line was inserted at 2pm. They will be removing the central line, which is leaking. Plus, they don’t like to send patients home with a central line, they prefer PICC lines in the home setting. Apparently they are safer with less chance of infection.

His G-tube feedings have been restarted at 20cc per hour.


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