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Play Ball!

Growing up, I was a tomboy. I loved sports, especially baseball. I hate to brag but honestly, I was a better ball player than most of the boys in my neighborhood. Every spring when the little league had it’s parade and the baseball season started, I was so jealous of the boys, because back then girls were not allowed to play baseball. All I could do was watch the games from the bleachers.

As I got older, I did play some girls softball in school and even made the varsity team in my first year of High School. But it wasn’t the same and it was short-lived, since I had to get a job and could no longer play after-school sports.

Years later, when I found out I was pregnant, I was hoping for a boy, so that I could teach him how to play baseball and maybe I would even coach little league. Even if I had a girl, that would be fine too, at least she would be allowed to play, if she wanted to. When I found out I was having twin boys, I was thrilled! Surely one of them would like baseball.

Well, things didn’t work out the way I’d planned. Aaron has absolutely no interest in sports of any kind. I think Eric would have liked sports, but that didn’t work out quite the way I expected either. Eric knows nothing about baseball, but rather than teaching him how to play, he taught me that it’s not whether you win or lose or how you play the game, it’s having fun that counts:-)

Eric at Bat