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heath care

Update on Anthony

Apologies for the delay in updating. I’ve been trying to catch up on life after hospitalization. Anthony was discharged from the hospital Tuesday evening, that is the good news. However, he is having trouble tolerating feedings via the j-tube. The doctors were trying to increase his feedings to the goal of 50cc/hour in order to discontinue his TPN and remove the PICC line. But every time they would increase his feedings beyond 20cc/hour Anthony would gag and vomit, even with his g-tube to drainage. So, we decided to continue the TPN at home and gradually – hopefully – increase his feedings. So, that’s were we are at now. The hope is that Anthony’s GI tract will start moving better with time.

We received a pile of letters and statements in the mail from our insurance company concerning Anthony’s recent hospitalizations. Here is a peek at one of the more amusing statements. Ya, I’ll get that check in the mail, LOL! Of course we will not be paying this amount, but I’ll likely spend a lot of time getting this stuff straightened out. Have I mentioned lately that our health care system sucks?