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PC Magazine

PC Magazine Volume 1, Issue 1, January 1982.


I just received my last copy of PC Magazine. I had no idea this was coming. A little note came with the magazine saying this would be the last printed issue. I’m a bit sad, as I’ve subscribed to PC Magazine for about 20 years or so. It is the one magazine that I read cover to cover and I have learned so much from this magazine. PC Magazine is not going away, the owners have decided to go completely digital.

I suppose this should not come as a surprise for a tech magazine to go digital, since digital will be the future for magazines and newspapers, and eventually books as well. From what I’ve read on-line, the company is making most of it’s money with on-line revenue and will save money by dropping the print version. And of course, this is obviously a good decision for the environment.

But I will miss the printed issue. I sit in front of a computer too many hours a day already and I enjoy reading my magazines in bed. I guess I will eventually have to get a digital reader like Amazon’s Kindle. But for now, I still have PC World and a few other tech magazines. But I don’t think I’ve ever subscribed to any magazine longer than PC Magazine. I will miss it. 🙁