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US News & World Report

US News & World Report

Aaron’s Tracheostomy Page was mentioned in this week’s issue of US News & World Report:

Parents and other caregivers, after all, are the most motivated to pour their hope and energy into the hunt. Aaron’s Tracheostomy Page ( is run by Cynthia Bissell, a registered nurse and mother of three disabled children in Grafton, Mass. Aaron, a twin who is now 14, had developed scar tissue in his airway as a premature newborn, related to steps taken to support his lungs. After that, he needed a permanent hole in his windpipe—a tracheostomy—to help him breathe. Bissell found no online resources to help her manage her son’s “trache” day to day, so she launched the site. It has the information she was looking for, as well as a medical glossary and links to other resources. And the site hosts bustling message boards where participants boost one another’s spirits and ask for advice; parents recently debated two approaches to trachea reconstruction. “It has been part of my therapy for the last 10 years,” says Bissell.

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