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The Naked Kiss

Movie Summary: Looking to start a new life, a prostitute named Kelly (Constance Towers) moves to a small town but finds the residents’ wholesome facades to be deceiving. Even the sheriff (Anthony Eisley) and Kelly’s new fiancé (Michael Dante) have something to hide. Despite its B-movie feel, this over-the-top drama from influential director Samuel Fuller (The Big Red One) serves as a pointed critique of small-town hypocrisy and the exploitation of women.

Aaron loves old movies. The other day he was watching “The Naked Kiss”, a 1964 thriller/drama film. As I walked through the living room, I caught a glimpse of this scene and thought it was a funny portrayal of nursing and of handicapped children. Here are a couple of quotes from the movie:

“Dr. Tagmier is going to transfer some muscles down around the hip area.”

“She was born to handle children with crutches and babies in braces.”


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