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What kind of world do you want?

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I saw this sign a few weeks ago at a local middle school and took this photo, because I really liked the sign. Today I found out that this sign actually represents a class project at the Northbridge Middle School, in Massachusetts. A Grade Eight Language Arts Class answered this question in an amazingly mature and insightful way. The class created a poem, sited film shots, and recruited a parent to assist in editing. The end product is extremely impressive and should gives us all hope for today’s youth. People viewing the clip results in a charity donation to their specified cause “Autism Speaks”.


2 thoughts on “What kind of world do you want?

  1. Jim Lord says:

    I found out about your post because I subscribe to Google Alerts, which sends me a note whenever the line “What Kind of World Do You Want?” from Five for Fighting’s song, appears on the web. Using the link below, you’re welcome to see how a forthcoming book carries the same title. In fact, I’d be glad to send you a copy with my compliments.

    Would be great to offer a copy to the class, too.

    Jim Lord

  2. cindy says:

    I”d love to read your book Jim, will contact you via your site.


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