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Update – Tuesday

Anthony looks better today, as the swelling in his face has decreased. He is still on a ventilator, but his O2 has been decreased from 50% to 40%. They plan to start weaning him off the ventilator later today and see how he does. He is opening his eyes once in a while, but he’s on heavy pain medications and asleep most of the time. He has a small infiltrate in his right lung, but this is getting better on it’s own. He is on IV antibiotics and has no fever. I got a look at his back today. Not much to see but a really big bandage covering most of his back. Hoping to see an x-ray soon.

On another note, the hospital is buzzing with the news that Craig Mello, a professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, won the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering a process that can silence specific genes. Pretty cool, and big local news.

Eyes open
Look how straight he is in the bed!

6 thoughts on “Update – Tuesday

  1. Cheryl fettig(anthony's teacher) says:

    soo glad he’s doing well. We all at smile have all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully the worst is over, and now it’s just the long recoverey. He’s such a brave boy!! We miss him. Hope to be able to visit soon!!

  2. sandra says:

    You are such an amazing family, you are all so inspirational. Your kids, you as parents and caregivers, it is all so over the top! Love you guys
    Sandra and Family

  3. Sandra (Trach board) says:

    I am glad that Anthony is doing better today. I hope recovery is quick!

  4. Whitney says:

    Cindy, it sounds like Anthony’s recovery is going well. I hope he continues feeling better with each day!!

  5. Barb says:

    It’s good to hear Anthony is progressing nicely. It is amazing to see how straight he is! I noticed that right away. Hope he won’t be in much pain soon as everything starts healing.
    Thanks for the ongoing update. πŸ˜‰


  6. george says:

    Hey big guy. George here. We are thinking about you every day. Charlene, George, and NOvalee da kat.


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