Old Photographs of some
of our Ancestors
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Great, great grandmother Leonie holding great granduncle Arthur 1920

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great granduncle Arthur 1938


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Great, great grandfather Joseph with children, Marie, Arthur, Bela and Leon, 1962

Great, great grandmother Anne Leblanc (left) off to the 1940 World's Fair.

Great granduncle Fran Leblanc (right) aboard ship during WWII

Leblanc Family 1942, boys ready to go off to War. Great, great grandparents Anne and William (sitting), Great grandmother Mary (standing 3rd from right), grandmother Joan (child at right).

Great grand aunt Margaret 1944

Great, great grandfather William "Willie" Leblanc, neighbor in wagon.

Great granduncle Marty

Grandmother Joan

Great grandmother Helen (right), Bahamas 1927

Great grandmother Helen (2nd from left), Bahamas 1920's

Great grandfather Bela, (middle row, 2nd from left)

Great grandfather Bela (right)

City Hall Grill, Waltham MA. Great grandmother Helen (left)

Great grandmother Helen (right)

Great, great grandfather Joseph Winterkorn

Great, great grandmother Leonie

Grandfather Ernest Winterkorn, One year old

Grandparents Ernest "Sonny" and Joan

Great, great grandparents Orrie and Asa Purdy,  children: great aunt Mabel and great uncle Alvin "Ernie"

Great grandmother Alma Stanton with Grandmother Velda 1923

Grandfather Russell "Russ" Bissell

Bissell Family, grandmother Velda, grandfather Russell holding Dad.  Rare photo of all 9 children.

Great grandfather George Stanton, 1944

Grandfather Russell, India, WWII

Grandfather Russ with aunts Diane, Donna and Phyllis

Grandfather Russ WWII



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