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Stand with MArtha in MA

Guess which candidate is a lying, cheating scumbag. Scott Brown is a male Sarah Palin. If he wins Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat it will be a total embarrassment to the State of Massachusetts and to the legacy of the Kennedy family.

The right wing smear masters are spending over a million dollars on attack ads against Martha Coakley here in Massachusetts. We are not use to all the ads and phone calls we are getting recently. We are the most progressive state in the union, everyone knows we are a blue state. But the ‘tea partiers’ are poring money into the state, because they know that just one vote can stop health care reform, as well as other needed changes that we have been fighting so hard for since the 2008 presidential election. They have even set up a website called “Red Invades Blue.”

Not only are they trying to steal Ted’s legacy, they are trying to block progress. Massachusetts has always been the leader for progressive change in the US, this dates back to the colonial days and yes, the Boston Tea Party. The conservatives calling them selves ‘Tea Party Patriots’ is a joke. Here in Massachusetts, we started the American Revolution. We are the birth place of education, we already have universal health care, we were first in marriage equality. We know what needs to be done to move this country forward. And after more than 200 years, we still prefer coffee over tea.

As Massachusetts’ first woman senator, Martha Coakley will fight to advance Senator Ted Kennedy’s legacy. If you are a Massachusetts registered voter, please vote for Martha on January 19th. The stakes are extremely high. Your vote is needed to keep the entire country moving forward!


4 thoughts on “Stand with MArtha in MA

  1. melinmass says:

    Coackleys mouth has lost this election. Our own universal health care is a brankrupting us so thats not a good example. Coakleys comments have offended sports fans, catholics, and lots of others.
    Sorry, as a mother of a daughter, I can’t support a person who let a child rapist free for 2 years.

  2. Cindy says:

    Our health care system is not bankrupting us. It’s 8 years of Bush that has put the whole country into a financial mess. Every state is struggling right now.

  3. george says:

    Hoping for the best Democratic outcome for Mass. The GOP is a dead theme only out to be naysayers in all things for healthcare.

  4. Cindy says:

    Will do the best we can George! I’ll be at the polls a good part of the day tomorrow!


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