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A sampling of the tweets that came through as soon as Browns win was projected on CNN:

Massachusetts What Have You Done?

Congratulations Massachusetts, Derek Zoolander is your new state senator.

What. The. Hell. Massachusetts?

Massachusetts goes to the center . . . fold

Dear Majority of Massachusetts Voters: Thanks for nothing.

So does anyone have the number where we can text to rebuild after the tragedy in Massachusetts?

I really hope the U.S. doesn’t decline into a conservative, close minded nation. Massachusetts, you’re scaring me.

Massachusetts, you should be ashamed of yourselves! Holy shit you suck. Poor Ted Kennedy is rolling over in his grave right now.

Massachusetts voters say, “Our state has a great health plan that we love, but why should you have one?”

Thanks for pissing on Ted Kennedy’s grave, Massachusetts

Massachusetts = Blerrg.

What the heck, Massachusetts? Just… wow.

Of course there were a few happy tweets, but many more like these.  Definitely a major upset that will make moving forward more difficult.  If you are wondering why politicians can’t get anything done, it’s because we are a country divided.  The pendulum keeps swinging back and forth, but it doesn’t go anywhere.


3 thoughts on “Tweet

  1. george says:

    If the House will vote to accept the Senate version of the Health Care Bill without change or demands it will go through before the Mass Senator can be seated. Some will declare this dirty, but it is a method to provide health care to America.

  2. george says:

    There is always another day to add to or modify the law as needed.

  3. Cindy says:

    There are some good things left in the bill to provide a safety net for the American people. However, without a public option the bill is not real reform, because it will only make the big insurance companies bigger, stronger and richer, which is the problem to begin with.


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