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A Certain Kind of Love

A Certain Kind of Love


A Certain Kind of Love, by Deborah Wright and Jean Joy Crowley. Versa Press

This compilation of stories allows us to visit some special families in their own homes and in their hearts. Some of these experiences are a celebration of life and love; others are a tearful reminder of how precious life is and how fragile it can be. But whether tragic or triumphant, each heartfelt story resounds with honesty and emotional integrity. Each story provides the reader with a different perspective and allows us a glimpse into the life of “special needs.”

The death of a child is one of the most horrifying experiences any parent could face. When we read about Jennifer and read her father’s moving and inspiring eulogy we cannot help but be moved.

Cameron’s mother tells us how the love of her son transformed her from a “nervous, naïve, and self- righteous mother to a confident, informed, compassionate, and strong person.” Her honesty and openness are a lesson to each of us. Do you want to know what it is like to be “different” and what an individual who has a disability might feel as he travels through the “able-bodied” world? Read the story of Charles that he has titled simply “My Journey.”

Each of these readings offers encouragement and hope as portrayed in the grief, joy, fear, courage, heartache and unconditional love shown by these families and individuals.

Cynthia Bissell lives in Grafton, MA, with her husband Richard and 6-year-old twin sons Eric and Aaron. The twins both have disabilities related to their premature births.