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Happy Birthday Anthony!

Anthony is 19 years old today. This is the earliest photo we have of him. He joined our family when he was 6 years old and no photos came with him. His social worker gave me this photo from his file when we adopted him. I love this photo. I bet he was an adorable baby too!


In The Blue

Aaron’s Ball Python ‘Carl’ is getting ready to shed. You can tell he is going to shed because his eyes have turn cloudy with a bluish color. His skin coloring is also pale and not as brightly colored as usual.

Snakes shed as the grow. They shed their old skin and it’s replaced by new skin. Younger snakes will shed more often than older snakes because they are growing faster. We leave Carl alone at this time, because he can be nervous due to being unable to see.


Post-op Update, Day 2

Anthony had a good night and is now up to 30cc/hour of Peptamen via his new J-tube. I would guess that he will come home tomorrow if everything continues to go as planned. Tomorrow will be a busy day changing the dressing, maybe the tubes. Not sure if the current tubes are the same type he will come home with. Will also need to continue his TPN for a while as we work on increasing his calories via the j-tube. Will need new orders and supplies. So with all the paperwork etc, we will likely get home mid-to-late afternoon tomorrow.

Here is a photo of Anthony’s abdomen (apologies to those who might be a bit squeamish). They were able to use the same incision yet again, but this time not quite as long a cut.