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Update – Friday 2

Well, they were unable to salvage the central line, by the time I got back to the hospital, his pillow was covered with blood and the IV fluids were running into his bed and onto his back dressing. You can’t leave your kids alone in a hospital, it’s not safe:-( My feeling has always been that if my child is well enough to go onto the regular floor, then they are well enough for me to take care of them at home. But in this case Anthony is not ready to come home yet. Let me just say that the care is much better in the PICU. I don’t know what the problem is with the floor, not enough staff or what, but I’d much rather be in the unit.

Anyway, now he has no line, so he can’t get fluid or pain meds. They gave him a dulcolax suppository to see if they can get his bowels moving along and have started feeding him pediasure. Hopefully he will tolerate this, if not he will have to go to the OR for another central line.

I helped his nurse change his back dressing, it looks really good. Nice and clean, with who knows how many sutures and steristrips from the back of his neck to his buttocks.

Rich took over at 4pm and they still had not done his x-ray. They ordered a “standing x-ray”.  I told them that this must be some sort of miracle surgery if Anthony could now stand for an x-ray, LOL!

The twins visiting with Anthony


4 thoughts on “Update – Friday 2

  1. Ann says:

    Cindy — I’m laughing out loud at the request for a “standing x-ray”. Who the heck ordered that … a resident, no doubt! Gosh I hope Anthony can tolerate his feedings and doesn’t need to go back to the OR.

  2. Barb (TA) says:

    Typical no communication I’ve seen over & over when I worked in hospital. Gheez! It’s only worse now where we are because of cut backs in RN staffing!
    Thank goodness Anthony has you to look after him. Nowdays I don’t think anyone, no matter what age, should be left in a hospital without keeping a close eye on them.
    Anyway, I love that the boys are able to visit Anthony!
    Good luck to him with the IV line situation.

  3. george says:

    This reminds me of my visit to Boson last year, right after my surgery, having not a a drop of fluids for 24 hours, they demanded that I produce urine or they would insert a cath. I kept telling the nursing that other than the blue dye injected during the surgery there were not extra fluids. After drinking a quart of water and waiting two hours I started peeing like a smurf. Grape juice.

  4. Whitney says:

    Cindy, that is quite hilarious (“I told them that this must be some sort of miracle surgery if Anthony could now stand for an x-ray, LOL!”). I hope Anthony is tolerating his feedings today. Glad to see he is smiling!


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