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Update – Friday

His smile is back! Whooo, hoooo:-) Anthony was transferred to the regular pediatric floor last night. One problem is that in order to move him out of the ICU, he needed a smaller catheter. Since they were unable to start a peripheral line, they replaced his central line with a smaller catheter. Well, not surprising that it’s leaking like crazy. I changed him this morning and he was soaked including his back dressing from the leaking IV. I’m hoping that they will be able to start his g-tube feedings soon and take out the IV.

He is going to be having his back x-rayed today. Hope to get a copy of the x-ray. I’m home now just for a few minutes. The twins had a 1/2 day of school today and Rich is still sleeping since he did the night shift. I’m going the take the boys to see Anthony. First time for Eric, we’ll see how he does…


4 thoughts on “Update – Friday

  1. Ann says:

    Sweet smile! Hopefully Anthony will begin to tolerate his feedings soon and you guys can “bail” from the hospital. Thanks for sharing the smile … a great way to start the day.

  2. Carol says:

    Now that’s the Anthony we know and LOVE! Great to see that smile again! Let’s hope it’s there to stay. We all miss him very much. The classroom just isn’t the same without him. Now that he’s in a regular room I’m sure we will be taking a road trip soon!

    Take Care!

  3. Barb (TA) says:

    Awesome smile!! I’d say that Aaron’s visit probably helped a lot to get that smile back on Anthony. It’s just plain not fun being a patient. I didn’t mind working in the hospital but sure don’t like being the patient.

    So good to know he’s coming along quite well. πŸ™‚

  4. Aunt Faye says:

    Great Smile Anthony!!!! I’m sure having your brothers visit had a lot to do with that. Love you lots & lots! Aunt Faye


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