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Anthony is so happy to be home! He did amazingly well, much better than we expected. We are so please with his doctors and aside from a couple of minor issues on Friday, the nursing staff was excellent. We already knew that his doctor was good, as she operated on Eric several years ago and did an outstanding job. We also knew the PICU was very good having spent time there with both Eric and Aaron in the past, and we also know a couple of the nurses who work there. In fact, two of the nurses were from the Memorial NICU and took care of the twins back in 1993! We were concerned about the pediatric floor. However, it seems they have improved in the years since our last stay. So, an all around positive experience at UMass Medical Center.

Anthony will have a follow-up appointment in the orthopedic clinic next week. They will remove his sutures and let us know when Anthony can return to school. For now, he can get up in his chair as tolerated. We need to change his back dressing once a day. We still need to get his feeding and bowel routine back on track. He can have Tylenol with codeine for pain and valium for muscle spasms as needed. He will be seen by visiting nurses, which is really not necessary, but routine.

Now, I must go and catch up on life!


3 thoughts on “WE’RE HOME!

  1. Barb (TA) says:

    Am so glad things went well enough to allow Anthony to come home this soon. This is amazing!! I don’t think it would have gone as smoothly without you overseeing everything. And it always helps to know some of the key players. Always!! 😉

  2. Aunt Faye says:

    Anthony sure looks happy to be home! So glad things worked out so well for all of you. Love, Faye

  3. george says:

    Sorry to have missed the big homecoming. Had a few busy days. We have had three losses in our extended family in a week and a half. Busy times after Kira and Aaron’s wedding the other weekend.

    Give the fellows a big hug. Every day is a special day when the sun rises and shines.



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