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Update – Monday

They finally restarted Anthony’s g-tube feedings at 9am this morning. I’m hoping that if he tolerates his pediasure he can come home tomorrow. He got up in his wheelchair again today and we took a walk outside. It’s a beautiful Columbus day here in New England, the leaves are changing, the sun is shining with deep blue skies and about 72 degrees.

The orthopedic doctors were in this morning and said that his x-rays look good. He said what they do in the OR is attach wires to each vertebrae, then place the rod and tighten the wires to the rod to straighten the spine. I remember the surgeon telling me that one of the wires broke during the surgery! I can just imagine the amount of force it would take to move a spine into alignment! And it’s no wonder there is so much pain associated with this surgery. They checked his back incision and one of the docs said he’s never seen so many steri-strips on one person. The incision goes from the back of his neck down to his buttocks. I assume we will have to bring Anthony back to the hospital to have the sutures removed sometime soon.

So, today was a quiet day. Rich has been doing the night shifts with Anthony and when he gets home, I head out. It’s been tough this long weekend, with no school. But Aaron has been a big help watching Eric, so Rich can get some sleep. When I got up this morning Aaron was sleeping in Anthony’s bed. So sweet, he really misses Anthony and worries about him. It has been a tough week and we will be glad to get Anthony home and get back to normal (such as it is for us).


3 thoughts on “Update – Monday

  1. Aunt Faye says:

    So glad Anthony continues to make progress toward recovery. Aaron is a good brother to both Anthony and Eric. I’m sure you’ll all be glad to get Anthony home and return to your normal routines. Love, Aunt Faye

  2. Barb (TA) says:

    You guys are doing such a wonderful thing for Anthony. That means All of you, the boys included! Thanks for updating the surgery info from the Drs etc. So interesting.
    Anthony looks so pleased to be outside! Awesome that he feels good enough to enjoy it!! Take care…

  3. Sue M. OT says:

    Hi everyone! I’m so glad to hear that our big boy is doing so fine!! We all miss him here at school and send our hugs and kisses along. I wanted to thank you for opening up your hearts and sharing this with us. It has been very educating to our staff and it is wonderful to feel part of something special. Anthony, we love you! get well soon and get back to school!!


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